Kayak to the Moku'lua Islands


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One of the best experiences we have had was renting a kayak and heading out to the Moku'lua Islands either from Kailua Beach or Lanakai Beach.  The Moku'lua Islands are comprised of Moku Nui (North Moku'lua) and Moku Iki (South Moku'lua).  Both islands are state bird sanctuaries, and the public is only allowed access to Moku Nui.  The trip out and the sights on the island are worth the effort.  Along the way, you may stumble upon green sea turtles or other aquatic life and once on the island you can see the hillside covered with Sheerwater nests.  Be sure to check the water conditions before attempting to paddle out.  The surrounding water approach can be tricky at times.  You can rent single kayaks or doubles and most have a little extra room for a child.  This is an excursion better suited for families with older children or consider making it a parents only trip.  If you do take your child along make sure that they can swim and that they are wearing a safety floating device.  Sea kayaks are unstable and easily capsize.  Make sure all your gear is tied to the boat.  We recommend you bring a small collapsible cooler with a lunch and drinks and have a picnic on the beach of the island.  Once on the island, follow the trail around to the south of the island and be sure to check out Queens Bath on the backside of the island.  Be sure to bring your hat, sun screen, water shoes, and camera.  If you prefer a guided tour, head over to Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks.  They offer good guided tours departing from their store near Kailua Beach.